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Watch and Learn about the Financial benefits of the cloud FROM A CLOUD ERP CUSTOMER

Hear Derrick Elledge, Vice President of Operations and Co-Founder of Power Storage Solutions, describe the fast ROI their company gained with Cloud ERP. 


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        • Special Promotions for companies running legacy on premise ERP solutions
        • Derrick Elledge, VP of Operations at Power Storage Solutions will discuss: 
          • How they transformed Operations and increased profitability
          • Reduced their Project feedback loop from 8 weeks to one, improving scheduling, quoting, and gross profits
          • Eliminated some $50,000 in waste a month from lost revenue, time, and information

      Watch our past webinars and register for future Lunch & Learn Webinars in this Series: ROI of ERP in the Cloud

      The goal of this series is to educate businesses with customer stories and industry experts on the overall ROI of moving legacy ERP systems to a modern ERP in the cloud.  

      This Lunch and Learn webinar is brought to you by Acumatica Cloud ERP and Clients First Business Solutions. Lunch provided by GrubHub! 


      Ken Eldridge

      Vice President Sales, Clients First Business Solutions Minnesota Office


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      Derrick Elledge

      VP of Operations at Power Storage Solutions


      Power Storage Solutions



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