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Acumatica Field Service Optimization Webinar recording

Learn how to assign the right field service technician with the right parts and/or product, the right skill, at the right time and location to address your customers’ needs.


If you missed the lunch and learn, please take a few minutes to watch our recording, then reach out to us for a demonstration for your company. 

Our attendees enjoyed a GrubHub lunch, while Dan Ellicson and Monika Stuber of Clients First presented the following: 

  1. Benefits of the Mobile App
    • Appointment status and details synced with Acumatica in real time
    • Recording inventory item usage
    • Take customer payment
    • Compatibility with phone
      1. GPS/Mapping for directions
      2. Microphone/Dictation for messages/comments
  2. Calendar Board Scheduling
    • Real time sync of appointment information from the Mobile App
    • Schedule workers based worker skills and service area of a worker.
    • Cloning appointments that take multiple days
    • Emailing Customer and Worker regarding scheduled appointment
  3. Equipment Tracking
    • Tracking of company equipment for billing and usage on appointments
    • Tracking of customer equipment to help facilitate conversations regarding repairs and/or replacements.
  4. Service Contracts
    • Dispatch appointments for recurring contracts
    • Templates to copy standard contracts to new customers